About Us

Your Charity Online Raffle is provided by Sureview Pty Ltd

About Sureview

Sureview works closely with small to medium sized charities to assist them with their fundraising.

We provide a range of services focused on maximising the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaigns. These services include:

  • Online Raffles
  • Profiling to better understand the characteristics of your Donors
  • List rentals to target acquisition campaigns
  • Mail house and printing facilities for your direct mail
  • TV ads and placement on Free-to-air TV as a community service annoucement
  • Use of Social Media to provide a window into how you are helping people
  • Online donor management and reporting.

It sounds a lot

We try to provide Charities with a full range of services but at very affordable prices. By working closely with our clients we work to understand your objectives and work with you to achieve them.

We do a lot but you only need to select what you require.